What is Jest Elite Up To Now?

We are working on some unique designs and illustrations to share with you. 

The Latest Project
Octopus Guard

Octopus Tattoo

This is kind of a tattoo or graffiti style Octopus. 🙂 I made it for a concept piece for the Octop…

Walter Caricature

I have been working on some caricatures lately. Caricatures are not just cartoons, they are supposed…
Tech style logo design

The Making of a Tech Logo

I recently had to redo a logo that was done awhile back for a construction company. The task was pre…
Two Men and a Baby Poster

Two Men and a Baby Poster

Another poster per request from coach James! It is so nice that he thinks of his team and does thing…

How Illustration and Graphic Design Can Help Your Business

Your branding depends on good graphic design. Professional design can improve your Website’s rank and increase its trust factor. 

Graphic design and illustration is what I do. I am an illustrator from Spokane WA. I work in three main fields, design, illustration and photography. I use my work to help clients with their websites and business branding. 

Web Design / Branding

Having been in the web design business for several years I have learned the importance of having an illustrator that you can hire nearby. 

My Blog

Design and Illustration

I was born with a pencil in my hand. At least that is what it seems like. I have been drawing almost my entire life. I went to a couple of art schools, but the best resource is the internet if you want to learn more.

My Blog

Graffiti and Tattoos

My main sphere of experience comes from my years in graffiti and graphic design. Both of which are great for tattoos if you are interested in having a custom one made that is. 

My photography