About Me

I have been interested in art ever since I could remember. Art was and is a form of communication that I hold dear to my heart. When words are insufficient art takes over. It speaks to us in all kinds of ways. My experience with art started with drawing and painting. When graffiti became popular in the late 80s I fell in love with graphic art and design. I moved to Seattle to work on my graffiti and grow as an artist. I went to the Seattle Art Institute and joined a crew. 

So much could be said just by using the right typography and colors. Even more could be communicated to the viewer when characters where added to the pieces of art. Graffiti is a lot like Swiss Modernism. One can even see the influence of Swiss Modernism in Microsoft designs lately.

I use the styles I have learned over the years to create Websites, Shirt designs, Logos, Posters, and much more. Check out the projects on this site for examples of my work and my style. Some projects are clean and simple, while others are more of a street style. My goal, regardless of the project, is to create a fun work of art that communicates visually to the viewer.

Web Design

Web design and development encompasses a very wide range of skillsets. Not only does your site need to look professional and current, but it needs to function properly as well. I have spent the last 15 years or so, learning how to bring all of these skills together into one. I am the designer and the developer. There is no need to try to explain the design to the coder or have the coder make things look nice; I do it all.

I taught myself how to write database driven sites using Classic ASP many years ago. I used both MySQL and MSSQLSERVER databases. I can now write in several coding languages including PHP, ASP.NET /VB and some Python. I also use JQuery and Javascript.

I now spend a great deal of my time designing and building custom themes for WordPress. My goal with my theme designs to make unique sites each time and to make them look less and less like a theme.

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