October 17, 2014

New matrat shirts

The new shirt design features a Mat Rat tying his belt with the words Brazilian Jiu Jitsu arched over the top. Below in very large letters it reads ‘MATRAT’. The concept for the Mat Rat will be understood by those that train as a way of life.

Do you give your martial art everything you have? Are you the first to arrive and the last to leave? Does your coach get tired of hearing you ask questions about all the new moves you learned on youtube? You might just be a matrat.

Did you sell your car so that you could buy the new Tamami Gi? Was the last time you left your hometown was to go to a tournament? Do you pack your GI with your toothbrush and toothpaste? You might just be a matrat.

Have you lost 10 pounds in the last week? You might just be a matrat. Do you roll with your dog? You might just be a matrat.



The New Mat Rat shirt