November 7, 2016

Some New Shirt Ideas Are On Their Way

I have been working on some designs lately that I would like to offer to you, the public.

They are all based on a logo I was hired to do for Dangerzone MMA. The logo I was making for them had a skull in it that I was drawing based on some artwork I found on the internet. I wanted to draw the skull myself to make the logo unique.
Thier logo ended up looking like this:

The drawing of the skull I think looks really cool sketched out.


I added some texture and some typography with several different layouts. Here are a couple of them.

skull-dz-lettering2 dangerzone-square

I liked the skull idea enough to redraw it and try it out on some shirts to see how it would look.

skull-danger skull-paint-plain

I am kind of torn between having the shirt with just the skull or add some text for context on the shirt. Your feedback on this would be great by the way!

Muay Thai is a very deadly martial art. Maybe it should say something about MMA or Muay Thai on it. Thoughts?