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Scraps of scratch paper, or in other words my blog. 

The Manito Group Logo

I started the Manito Group logo thinking of Manito park and trees, maybe even the Japanese bridge. But after working the logo around a while I later learned that the tree wasn’t really speaking …
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I am not sure what made me want to draw a fish. Maybe it’s because I don’t see a lot of drawings of them. I wanted to see if a tough looking fish could be used for any of my shirt concepts…
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In Support of the Police

I am sorry that people are taking sides on whether or not to support our police. It seems obvious to me that even if there are some bad police out there that you don’t condemn the rest of them, …
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Graffiti From The 90s

I found some of my old graffiti. I think all of them were just ideas and sketches. I didn’t have anything really finished. I must have lost all of those.
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Crazy Matrat

I love taking the idea of the matrat and changing it up. This version is one of an insane matrat; one that listened to too much media politics. 🙂
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Obama Caricature

It is what it is. I was making an infographic and thought it would be fun to add him to it. I never did actually add him to the graphic, but the drawing I think is pretty cool. 🙂
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