December 26, 2016

Shirt Design for James Weed

James is our kid’s Jiu Jitsu coach. We have been in his class for three years now and we consider him a part of our family. He has helped our kids in many ways other than just Jiu Jitsu moves so I wanted to make him something kind of special. It was because of James that this site even exists so whatever I did for him I wanted it to be from my own hand.

James is into the game Street Fighter. I somewhat secretly asked him which Street Fighter Character was his favorite. He told me it was Blanka. So I started doing some research on the character. I wasn’t really sure how I would go about drawing the guy just yet.

The first drawing was more realistic, but wasn’t really done in my style.

I put away the drawings for awhile so I could dig deeper into how I wanted to portray the character. I liked the drawing I did, but felt it wasn’t me enough so I sketched and I sketched trying to come up with something.

I decided to focus on the expression of the character more than the body of the character. Eventually I came up with this extreme yell type expression.

I felt that this was the mood I was looking for so I continued bringing out the details of the sketch.

I worked on the feel of the outline, by putting more weight on the areas I felt were more important. As a rule, any area of the drawing I can put my fingers around, as if I were grabbing the drawing, are heavier lines.

Using colored pencils I added some color to the background. Now I was ready to add some color to the character.

I decided to keep a great deal of the sketching texture because James likes the raw feeling of my sketches. To bring that out a little more I added some texture to the whole of the piece.

My wife and I looked up some of Blanka’s catch phrases and came up with one that fit James to a Tee.

Here is the final design that James received.

I finally got a shot of James wearing the shirt. 🙂

James wearing the Unleash The Beast Shirt